Meeting Baby Heather

by - Monday, December 08, 2014

Oh man I'm so not ready for my long weekend to end! Between all the holiday-themed activities I had going on and the extra doses of family time I got (my aunt from California and my parents are both in town!), I'm not quite ready to get back to the real world tomorrow.

I know I owe you two race recaps, and I promise those are coming, but I got to meet my newest baby cousin tonight, and that was kind of more exciting than both races put together.

I did not inherit the "baby whisperer" gene from my dad. But even when she cries Heather is pretty cute.
Here's me and baby Heather.

And here's baby Heather meeting my dad for the first time:

Dad meeting baby Heather, his great-niece.

Please note Heather's disposition in each picture. The running joke in my family is that my dad is the "Baby Whisperer." He can take any crying, screaming, raging baby and in minutes have them calm and happy. I swear, it's a magical gift, and he should charge people a lot of money for his services.

As you can see, I clearly did not inherit that gene from him.

Heather seemed to be pretty cool with my mom too.



So for those keeping score at home, that now totals five baby cousins I have within a 20 minute drive of my house. Pretty sure I couldn't be any more lucky.

Oh and in other news, I also got a much, much needed haircut today. I asked my stylist to take off about an inch and a half, and by the time she was done, I think she had chopped off a solid 3 inches. It's way shorter than what I expected/wanted.

Finally had time to get a much needed haircut. Ended up a bit shorter than I wanted.

My mom and cousins said it looked nice, and I mean it's just hair and it will grow, but I sort of think I look like a boy...

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  1. Sarah3:42 PM

    Boy is pretty much my last thought. Short? Yes. Cute? Absolutely!

  2. Laura3:53 PM

    Hair looks great - so healthy, love it! And we're lucky to have you close by to come help and play with the babes! :-D

  3. I like your haircut! And I always have a panic attack when I lose some inches because I always swear it's way more than I asked for. You'll adjust in a few days!