The Munchkins Turn One!

by - Sunday, December 14, 2014

(Be forewarned, this post is full of adorable baby pictures! In fact, if you look at the approximately 1,000 pictures currently saved on my phone, I'd say at least half of them are pictures of all my baby cousins. Totally normal right?)

I cannot believe it has been an entire year since my cousin's twins were born.

It seems like just yesterday they were teeny tiny babies getting out of the NICU, and now they're these big walking, babbling boys.

Untitled Untitled
Patrick on the left, Cameron on the right, a few weeks old

Untitled Untitled
Patrick left, Cameron right, today

It's been so much fun watching them grow up this year.

PicMonkey Collage 3
Sometimes around two-ish months

Hanging out with my favorite little Terp twins.
In Terps gear from their Auntie Jess

5ish months

Twins' first tailgate! #GoTerps #BeatOSU.
10ish months

We celebrated today with lots of gifts and some cake and ice cream. The boys even got their very own cupcakes.

Cameron was a little unsure what to make of the cupcake.


But Patrick was definitely all about it. He was loving that chocolate icing.



The boys pulled in quite a haul in terms of presents -- lots of toys (loud, noisy ones that I'm sure mom and dad just love) and tons of sports baby clothes. Auntie Jess was obviously on the sports gear side of the gift-giving.

Terps baby clothes

Cameron and Patrick now have sweet new Maryland outfits since they grew out of their last ones. They'll be all set to cheer on the Terps (who are currently in first place in the Big Ten in basketball!)

We all had a really great time, and the boys seemed to love having everyone there and playing with their big cousins.


On the way out, Laura sent us home with some favors. I got little handprints the boys made in daycare.


Obviously going on my fridge immediately.

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  1. Laura4:34 PM

    Awesome post!!! Such a fun day - thanks for the Terps gear and taking great photos for us!!

  2. I love how fast babies grow - it's amazing! (I probably won't say that when I have kids - stay tiny forever, please! haha.)

    And I looooove the red Maryland sweatshirt you're wearing!