Five Weeks Til Freedom

by - Sunday, March 27, 2016

So apparently I have this thing called a blog that I used to update from time to time. In fact, at some point not that long ago, I used to update it daily. Now I either have no time to write or just a massive case of writer's block because there's literally nothing new to report.

I will admit even with this post, I don't have a ton to say, but thought it would be nice to check in and share what I've been up to.

Work is crazy, but good. I'm transitioning to a bit of a new role, which is pretty exciting, but has also been stressful and insanely time-consuming while I try to juggle doing two jobs at once. I've worked a lot of 10-12 hour days the last three months, which has been tough. But I had a good conversation with my boss about this last week though, and I think we've figured out how to make the workload more manageable.

Perfect sunshiny day means first balcony work session of the season! Yay spring!

School is also slaying me. I told my mom yesterday that I wanted to drop out. She rolled her eyes at me and told me that would be dumb. Another friend told me he'd legit slap me, but I'm really pretty over it. I miss having a life outside of school and work. I only have three more classes left, but right now that seems like way more than I can handle without losing my mind. The current semester will be over in five weeks. Maybe I'll feel better when this semester from hell is over.

RIP running. I've run twice this whole month. a month! I feel so out of shape, lazy and gross, it's not even funny. But life is kind of kicking my ass right now and even on the days when I have a minute (or 20) to squeeze in a run, I'm so exhausted that I usually end up curling up on my sofa and taking a nap.

Now that I've covered the bad, let's real quick hit on some of the good (because there's still a teeny tiny bit of that hanging around).

The semester is over in five weeks. The only major things I have left to do are a massive group project in my marketing class and a final in my project management class. Five more weeks. That's it. Then it will be summer (and I will only be taking one class).

I leave for Japan in 10 days. My good friend Scott moved to Tokyo last year, and my friend Meghan and I have been keeping an eye on flight prices ever since. We scored an amazing deal on tickets ($650 round trip!) so we're going to visit for a week.

Softball starts in a week! Yes! I am so pumped. I play in a ton of leagues in the summer, but right now it will just be one game a week, which I think will be manageable. I'm so excited to have this to look forward to. I dragged my friend to the batting cages a couple of weeks ago when the weather was nice to work on my swing.

Is it softball season yet?

I've had some fun family time the last couple of weeks. My cousin Amy's son turned five a few weeks ago and we celebrated with a Star Wars themed birthday party.

Battling the dark sideOne of my favorites from yesterday. Little man taking a serious nap in the middle of the Star Wars party.

Then this weekend I was home in PA for Easter, and we got brunch with my brother and his fiancee in Philly. It was the first time I got to see their apartment, and we scoped out all the wedding sites.

So yea, five more weeks, that's all I've got until I get some semblance of a life back. So close, yet so far.

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  1. Dan Wolfe4:08 PM

    Hang in there Jess!

  2. Fred and Tina6:18 PM

    Working full time and getting an MBA is so tough and so admirable! We are pulling for you! A group project and a final till things slow down, EZPZ! LOL. Like the pics of fun stuff and of course softball! You know we are almost as excited as you and Meghan for the trip to Japan! Please tell that Scott fellow hi and that we miss him! Yes! Jess, hang in there! You are doing great, more than great! :)

  3. Keep your chin up! All of this schooling will be worth it in the end. The trip is in sight!