My MBA is Killing My Running (and my life)

by - Monday, March 07, 2016

February was a brutal month that, at times, I thought might legit kill me. Between some really long hours at work, a 20+ hour take-home exam and other intense school deadlines, work travel and being knocked out with bronchitis for about two weeks, I didn't think I'd ever survive.

Homework and my last glass of wine for the next 40 days. #mbalife #lent #fattuesday

But here we are a week into March and I'm still alive, though some days I feel like a mere shell of my former energetic and fun-loving self.

As you might have guessed from my lack of blogging, free time hasn't been a thing that I've had much of lately. My life has been work, school, sleep, repeat. Basically a quest for survival.

Running has been virtually nonexistent since the 5K I did on Valentine's Day. It took weeks for my lungs to finally heal from the bronchitis and be able to handle even the walk from the Metro to my office. I considered it a success last week when I made the 10-minute walk and didn't dissolve into a coughing fit as soon as I entered my office building.

I did my first run since Valentine's Day yesterday. It was a 5K race that I'll recap in another post. My lungs held up better than I expected. But after three weeks of not running, my legs not so much.


My endurance is completely gone.

I sort of feel like I'm starting from scratch again, as if every marathon and half marathon I've ever run was in a different life time. Right now, it's hard for me to remember when I was routinely in half marathon shape, when on any given day, I could easily go out and tackle 8 to 10 miles without even thinking about it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.35.44 AM

Oddly enough FB reminded me this morning that it was four years ago that I registered for my last marathon.

Now even three miles seems hard and something like 7 or 8 seems impossible.

I was talking to my mom about this for a while on the phone last night, and I know it's OK to sometimes take a step back from running when other things are larger priorities.

But it's still hard. Running used to be such a huge part of who I was, now, it's something I can barely find the time for. Yesterday's race made me realize how much I missed running and how much I'm coming to resent grad school for taking time away from things I truly enjoy.

So much for keeping my new shoes clean. Stupid rain.

I keep trying to remind myself that it's all worth it. That getting my MBA is a good move and that I only have to survive until December and then I'll be done. It's just three more classes after this semester. Realistically, it's not that much, but it seems like such a Herculean effort.

I hate that I'm basically going to have to rebuild my running endurance from scratch. That all those years of hard work I put into improving my pace and times is evaporating, and I'm basically going to be like a newbie runner again by the time grad school is over.

It's hard. It's crappy. It makes me sad.

Sorry for such a Debbie Downer of a post on a Monday.

Here's a picture of me and my new baby cousin that's adorable and cute to end this on a happier note.

Snuggling with the newest member of the Milcetich clan. #TylerJohn @tylerjohnsdad

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  1. Running, and fitness in general, come back a lot quicker than when you just started. You'll be back running before you know it. Make sure you take of yourself :)

  2. Just take it one task at a time. Sometimes when I get really busy I'll add "eat lunch" onto my todo list just so I can actually get something checked off for the day. Fitness will come back soon enough, all of those papers will get written, and sleep will happen sometime. Just take it down one thing at a time.

  3. Fred and Tina3:51 PM

    Hey, you are doing great! Your schedule resembles that of a Navy SEAL during "Hell Week." :) So taking a step back from running is not only "OK," it is wise! Graduation will happen in December and sans the MBA study, you will have your free time back. Knowing you, we have zero doubt that your top running endurance will return very quickly! You have lots of fun things to come this year and we are sure that the rest of the MBA will go smoothly. (Oldish people know these things, LOL.) Please take care and feel good! :)

  4. Lavinder3:30 PM

    You will get back into it when time allows. Be reasonable in your expectations for yourself now so you don't get hurt. Maybe identify the first real race that you think you can be prepared for in the spring of 2017 and have that as a goal to look forward to start training for immediately after the new year. Thanks for you site, it got me back into running after a multiple year absence.

  5. I'm sorry you're having a rough time right now! Your plate is definitely overflowing, but at least you have an end in sight. Getting your MBA is definitely worth it, and running will be there when you're ready for it. Who knows - maybe some time off is what you needed anyway!