Dry Needling for my Hip

by - Monday, June 19, 2017

Last Monday, I had my first dry needling appointment to help my hip.

Now if you have been reading for a while, you know needles make me pass out. So it's not really normal for me to voluntarily subject myself to them.

But with my hip hurting so much every time I did anything, I was willing to give dry needling a try.


Jenna, the woman who did the dry needling, was awesome. She explained what was going to happen and answered a couple of my questions, and then we got started.

The needles didn't hurt going in, but it felt so strange when she was hitting the trigger points and trying to release them.

I don't really know how to describe the sensation. The two she did in my butt just felt weird. Not bad or good, but I could kind of tell something was happening.

The one she stuck in my hip flexor was crazy. Again the needle didn't hurt going in, but when she it that trigger point, it felt so uncomfortable...but in a good way. Like when someone is giving you a massage and they hit the really tight part and start working the knot out. It's uncomfortable, but also feels good. That's the only way I can really think to describe the feeling.

I did get super light-headed when it was happening, but I never passed out.

I also wasn't sure what to expect afterward. I had strict instructions from Dan to not run, but to stretch a bunch in the days following. I did a lot of stretching, especially since I had to hop on an airplane the next day for a work trip.

In the last several days, my hip has felt the best it has in at least two months. Walking doesn't really seem to bother it anymore. Sitting in a car definitely still does, but I can tell overall it is so, so much looser.

I also feel much, much more positive about the fact that the MRI I have this week might not show a labrum tear. Two weeks ago, I was 100 percent convinced I was going to need surgery to fix this problem. Today I don't feel that way.

So that's where things stand now. I have my MRI this week, and I also have another dry needling appointment. I'll be doing my PT stretches and exercises in between, and then I guess we'll reassess and go from there.

I still don't know where things stand with the marathon. I don't want to completely write it off yet, but it's definitely not looking great as this all takes a while to figure out.

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  1. I'm glad you're feeling a little better! I was just about to email you for an update - glad you posted! Fingers crossed that MRI doesn't show a labral tear!

    I've thought about having dry needling for my calf after some residual pain - how did you find someone who does it? I can't figure out if chiropractors, PTs, or docs do it...

  2. Fred and Tina4:46 PM

    Fingers crossed Jess, we are thinking positive thoughts! 👍

  3. I think I should try it on my ankle. I saw some blog she tried it on her injured ankle and it works.