Marathon Training Was Supposed to Start Monday

by - Wednesday, June 07, 2017

As you can probably guess from the title of this post, things aren't going so well on the hip front. It just doesn't seem to be getting better (my PT might disagree with this assessment, but right now it's how I feel).


This past weekend I feel like I had a pretty major set back. The pain in my hip was excruciating.

I tried to run Saturday morning because I was allowed to do that. It went so much worse than last week's attempt. My hip hurt the entire time. Every time I tried to swing my leg through its full range of motion there was pain that wasn't there the previous week.

I was so beyond frustrated. Up until that point, I felt like I'd been making baby steps in the right direction.

But then Saturday morning the pain legitimately felt worse than when I'd initially gone to see my PT in the first place.

Sitting in the car Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning driving to and from my friend's wedding probably didn't help. Car rides are always super painful for my hip. It gets really stiff and then getting out of the car hurts like crazy.

(The wedding was gorgeous by the way, so here's a happy picture to break up this sad post).


Marathon training was supposed to start Monday. Because I am perhaps a moron, I decided I wanted to try a short run again to see if Saturday was just a fluke. I'd had success the previous week running for a short distance. Plus on the treadmill at PT on Wednesday things seemed to go OK. I really wanted Saturday's painful run to be a fluke.

It wasn't. Monday hurt a ton. I went about seven minutes before bailing, walking home and fighting back tears.

I managed to hold off the tears until I made it into my apartment, and then the flood gates opened. I'm pretty sure I cried for two hours straight. I cried in the shower, on the phone with my mom, on my sofa, in the kitchen while making dinner, on the sofa again while re-reading Susan's blog about her hip injury/surgery.

I cried because I was sure the Chicago Marathon was going to be a no go. I can barely walk some days without pain, how ever will I train myself up to run 26 miles by October?

I cried because I still don't really know what's wrong with my hip, and I'm frustrated and I want it to not hurt anymore.

I cried because I know the next step is pretty much an MRI on my hip, and I was scared what that MRI might show. I cried because I was worried I'd need the same hip surgery that Susan and my friend Zac had last summer/fall.

But I cried mostly because I miss being able to function like a normal person. I miss being able to do the things I love to do and I'm sick of always being in pain.

The end.

(I'll write another post on next steps and where we go from here, but this post is already long and angsty enough).

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  1. Fred and Tina8:53 AM

    So sorry Jess. Hoping that time and PT will be the answer. We will be thinking about you!

  2. Megan got married? Totally missed it! Crazy times. Glad you were able to enjoy the wedding, even with all of these silly hip problems going on. Give it time, you'll figure it out.

  3. Warren8:57 AM

    All I can say is that I hope the pain is fleeting and that there is a permanent response that allows you to run.

    I'll be walking the Pride Run this year and neither you nor Tim will be there to laugh at me at the end. Darn it.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear your hip isn't getting better!! I hope the MRI doesn't show a labral tear either - although I also don't know what to wish for! Let me know if you need to chat about anything, I know how frustrating hip pain can be. Keep us posted!!