Replacing Our Highly Questionable Ceiling Fans

by - Wednesday, September 29, 2021

When we moved into our house, I was surprised by the number of ceiling fans we had. There was one in the main living area, one in the kitchen (why?) and then fans in the bedrooms. 

I love a ceiling fan in the bedroom, so I was happy to see they were already there, and I wouldn't need to get an electrician to run wires or anything like that.

However, the age and quality of some of the ceiling fans was highly questionable.

Replaced fans

The ceiling fan in the kitchen was so small, and so old, and so poorly installed that when you turned it on it wobbled back and forth and vibrated so hard that I swore it was going to fall right out of the ceiling. 


Oh did I mention it was also extremely ugly?


All that said, it stuck around for over a year because it just kept falling on the priority list of things to deal with. But we finally got our act together. I found a light fixture that complemented the other light fixture in the kitchen, and we were ready to trash the fan. 

Since it was so small, it didn't take too long to get it down. But I have to show you this one thing. The fan had this really weird plastic plate around the mount to I guess make the ceiling look fancier or something. I have no idea. It's clearly hideous.


Installing the new light ended up being a little frustrating because the directions were not in the most logical order and left you only a little room to maneuver the wires around. But when all was said and done, the ugly fan was gone and we had two coordinating light fixtures and a bunch more head space in our kitchen. 


One problem fan down, one to go. 

The other problem fan was in our guest bedroom. It took us until we were regularly sleeping in the guest bedroom while our main bathroom was under construction to realize just how problematic this ceiling fan was. 

This fan actually shook even more than the fan in the kitchen. There was a gap between the fan's mount and the ceiling, and my husband literally had to shim it with a piece of cardboard temporarily so that we could use it without it falling out of the ceiling and impaling us in the night.

Once we realized we had an actual safety hazard on our hands, we bought a replacement fan and pretty quickly swapped them out. 

I don't have a picture of this fan still hanging from the ceiling with the cardboard shim because my husband took it down before I snapped one, but here it is in pieces on the ground.


The new fan is not only properly installed and much sleeker looking, it also throws off much more air making it better for air circulation. 


As for the two remaining fans, they're staying for now. We may eventually replace the one in our room with the same model as the one we used in the guest room. And I'm just not exactly sure what I want to do with the one in the main living area, so that's a decision for another day. 

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