by - Monday, June 26, 2006

Ew today was not a good day. It rained/poured all day and the two hours it wasn't I was babysitting. So that means I did not get my run in today. Now I feel sluggish and blah and ew. And I ate cake left over from my brother's graduation party, and you know how when you don't eat high sugar foods for a while and then you do and you get that major sugar high and crash. Yea, I'm feeling that for sure. So all in all it's been a blah ick day.

But tomorrow, no matter how tired and gross I'm feeling, I'm dragging my booty out of bed and running before heading to my internship. So on that note, I'm heading out!

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  1. Haha yea, I'm on facebook....I think I've got a small addiction too. My last name is Adams. There's two of us at MSU, but I'm sure you can figure out which one is me.

  2. I know the "sugar" feeling. I snatched a soda last night during my night class becuase it was my only source of keeping busy and staying awake. By the time I got home at nine I was ready to crash! Hope your run went well today!