Humid run and a new set of wheels

by - Monday, June 19, 2006

Today's run went okay. I went out at 6:40 in the morning and seriously the humidity was unreal. I felt I walked into a wall of water. It was sooo heavy, and it made it really tough to breathe. Never the less, I finished my run, even though I had to go really slow. I keep thinking this waking up at the crack of dawn (at least for me) and running will help me beat the heat and humidity, but so far it hasn't really seemed to be working, which is unfortunate because I am one of those people who must workout before they do anything else or else I find a million and one reasons to skip my training for the day.

Tomorrow's a cross-training day, which is nice because I won't have to worry about the heat and humidity. I'm planning on doing some upper body strength work to give the legs a rest. They could use it.

In other really really exciting news, my dad and I finalllllly bought my car today!!! She's a beauty. '03 Silver Ford Taurus (silver is my favorite car color). Looks like brand new. I'm really excited. If gas wasn't so bloody expensive I'd have taken her cruising today, but oh well, I'm sure I'll plan a road trip in due time to take her on!

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  1. The internship is making me so tired that I forgot to reply to you! Sorry....but hey, way to go on getting that car and getting that knee all better. Hopefully I can get more good news on my side....I had a little flare up in my leg the other day. It's frustrating, but it's just something I've gotta be patient with. And with the rivalry, we'll just wait til Sept 23 :) It's gonna be great seeing two of the best QBs in the nation going head to head. And not to make you jealous or anything...but I'm in the marching band, so I've been on the field for the last 4 games :)