Longest run yet

by - Saturday, June 17, 2006

I DID IT! I went for 8 miles! Granted I couldn't run the whole thing and had to stop and walk occasionally, but still I don't care I was just so excited to actually be able to keep moving forward for that long. When I got back home I wanted to do a little dance because I was just that excited, but welllll I was also exhausted. So collapsing onto a chair was looking a lot better than dancing around! :o)

I felt pretty good afterwards. I mean my legs were obviously exhausted (and still are) but otherwise I wasn't feeling any major aches and pains. At least not right away.

Now my knees are a little sore, but nothing too horrible. So I've been icing them. Basically my lower body just feels stiff, and I've been stretching and stuff so hopefully that will help stem some of that.

Tomorrow is a rest day, which should give me plenty of time to recover for Monday's run.

I was really proud of myself for being able to finish! I still can't believe I did it. I had all kinds of doubts that my knee wasn't going to hold up or that I would just get to tired and not get anywhere close to 8 miles, but I did and I'm quite impressed with myself. The only negative aspect of the whole run was how horribly strong the sun was. I went running at 7 in the morning, hoping to get out and back before it got too hot and sunny. No luck. I was out for no more than 15 minutes before the sun started beating down and unlucky for me a lot of where I run isn't very shaded (blasted suburbia and all it's developments with no trees), but even with the really strong sun I managed to finish!

What a day what a day!

Following the run was car shopping, and I think I might have finally found something affordable that drives nicely. I drove an Impala LS today....oh man it drove like a dream. But it was a 2000 with 51,000 miles and they were asking 10,400 and wouldn't drop the price anything below that. So, unfortunately I won't be getting that car. I'm afraid to say which car I might be getting for fear of jinking it. I have had awful luck in the car shopping department lately.

P.S. The officials in the US's World Cup game today sucked something awful! But we ended with a tie, so at least we get one point. ***Crosses fingers for a better game against Ghana***

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