Lovin' the Madness

by - Thursday, March 15, 2007

Check out my Terps with their win over Davidson. And check out Duke getting knocked out in the first round. I LOVE VCU!!!! (just like to point out that I so had VCU over Duke in my bracket...poor Coach K, probably crying himself to sleep after such a poor showing hahah!!!)

Day one is almost over and my bracket's still in pretty good shape. (Knock on wood). We'll see what tomorrow brings though.

I head back to PA for spring break tomorrow. Just going home to relax. Take a break from work and watch ridiculous amounts of basketball. I could have gone home today after class, but I didn't want to be driving and missing basketball, so I'm leaving eraly tomorrow morning so I can make it home before hte afternoon games start tomorrow.

In running news, I got in a nice faster paced run on Tuesday and a medium paced run Wed. I was going to try to get out today, but I had a ton to do before heading home for spring break (packing, two papers, watching a video, returning books to the library, etc). Also my legs were exhausted and I was exhausted because I up really late studying for my psychology midterm last night.

Ohhhh in other super exciting life news, I got accepted into ODK (Omicron Delta Kappa) today. It's one of the most presitigous honors societys in the country and you have to fill out this really detailed application and then they only pick a very select number of people. So it's a pretty big deal to get in and I was so stoked. (I'm such a dork lol) Plus we have this really pretty fountain right in the middle of campus that you get your name engraved on if you get accepted. So that will be sweet.

I'm excited to get home and get in some quality runs on teh home turf....although it's supposed to snow tomorrow. Boooo.

Enjoy March Madness everyone!

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  1. Jess your new blog look is wonderfully fresh just in time for spring! :) Congrats on getting accepted into ODK!! way cool.

  2. I can't believe Duke lost! Who saw that coming? Err...wait a minute...you did. Okay, 50 bonus points if you can spell Coach K's name.

  3. Congrats on your acceptance! How wonderful! And your right, yesterday and today should be a national holiday! I too am watching b-ball all day. How easily I am distracted from what I SHOULD be doing! Even though I do not like Duke at all...at all.. I did have them winning the first round and then losing to Pitts. Darnit. I should NEVER have faith in them!

  4. I was shocked about Duke. Thank GOD that picked another team to go all the way. :D