No More Dancing

by - Monday, March 19, 2007

Well my Terps aren't dancing anymore. After a disappointing showing against Butler, they were eliminated from the tournament on Saturday. They came back in the end, but just couldn't do it and ended up losing by three. It was fairly heartbreaking. (Side note: My bracket has been busted. That's what happens when you have problems picking against your school and have them going all the way. That's also what happens when UNLV does good and Winthrop does poorly. Oh well.)

Remember how I was super excited to get home and get some quality runs in in the nice weather. Well mother natured crapped on that plan. We got somewhere around 6ish inches of snow on Friday (driving home in it was NOT fun). The weather definitely put a damper on my original running plans. parents bought snow shoes for Christmas. So my mom and I headed over to the park to test them out. And it was actually pretty fun and a pretty good workout. We would have stayed out longer but I got stuck using my dad's snow shoes which were way to heavy for me and I was getting some blisters from the boots. But other than that it was really fun and it got me outside in the cold and the snow.

On Sunday, I hit up the pool. I haven't been swimming in ages, but my super heathly mom wakes up at like 4:30 in the morning to go swimming before work and then tries to go on the weekends too. Since there was snow all over the place and no chance for running, I figured swimming would be good cross training. We probably swam for about 45 mintues. I did four 100's with 10 seconds of rest in between as a warm up. Then did 8 50's with 5 seconds of rest in between. After that I did a 50 kick and a 50 breaststroke. Then I did some 25 meter sprints (maybe four?) and then ended with another set of 8 50's with 5 seconds of rest in between. I'm not really sure what that amounts to on a level of workout challenge scale. I just remember having to do sets of things like that during swim team practices back in the day so I tried to mimic something remotely challenging.

Today I got out for a decent run. My legs were feeling pretty fatigued so I only went for about 30 minutes or so. I was really annoyed though because people still hadn't shoveled their sidewalks. Hellllllo people it snowed Friday. You had all weekend to do it. Trying to find solid footing on really icey patches of snow was so not cool. But it was only in spots, other spots were really clear and I had no trouble finding footing. It doesn't look like this snow is going to disappear anytime while I'm still home for break so I guess I just have to get used to it. As long as the temps stay above freezing I should be able to get two or three more runs in before I head back to school.

It's so nice being home and not having to worry about school or work for a whole week. It's such a relief. I plan to do a lot more sitting around and relaxing and reading a book or two while I still have the chance.

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  1. Enjoy the rest of your break.  Sorry your bracket busted out so early.

    Way to stay in shape with the snowshoes-swimming-running!

  2. Way to get out to the pool and swim! Didn't it feel GREAT? Keep it up -- it's good cross training.

  3. So sorry about your team. Sounds like you had a very productive workout this weekend.

  4. Holy cow, I haven't been to your blog since you gave it a face lift...

    Poo on Maryland! I had them going to the Final Four! But hopefully you didn't pick MSU going too far...I knew we didn't have the horses to stay with UNC :) My bracket's still doing ok...except for the midwest region, haha.

    You didn't put me on the Other Running Blog list, but I understand if you don't want it on there ;)

  5. > I was wondering if you knew
    > where I might be able to
    > find some swim workouts for
    > beginners

    Check out the "Swimming Links" on my blog's sidebar. You should be able to find some good workouts there. Good luck!