by - Sunday, March 04, 2007

A million apologies for my lack of updates. My internship keeps me busy even when I'm not there. And then there's this thing called class....and homework.....which sometimes I forget about until the last minute. Man I have seniorities hardcore and I don't graduate until next Decemeber.

But as far as running goes it warmed up slightly this week and I got in two fairly quality runs on Wed. and Thurs.

I got bored at work the other day and started looking into fall races to register and train for. I think I've set my sights on this one. My mom's going to do it too because they allow walkers. (She can't run anymore because of her knees.) We haven't registered yet or anything, but the plan is we're going to in a few weeks and then work out hotel arrangements.

Are any other RBFer's thinking about doing it?

I know it's way early to actually being "in training" but I just feel so much more motivated to lace up the shows when I have a race I'm working towards. So as of now I'm considering myself "in training" (Maybe that means I'll make more time to update this too :o)

Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. I am not sure if I could do that one, Jess. I am glad that you are back to running again.