Flip-flops causing pain?

by - Monday, October 08, 2007

I'm beginning to wonder if the serious tightness in my calves is a result of walking all around campus in my flip flops. I've been noticing some tightness from time to time as I'm walking to and from classes when I wear them. I mean they're flip flops, they obviously don't have a ton of support, but it's just been so freaking hot every day that the thought of jamming my feet into socks and sneakers has absolutely no appeal.

Yesterday was a fairly busy day, spent studying for my first mid-term in the wave of mid-terms that are about to happen and then hitting the gym and then going to Kinkos where I spent $36 making 201 copies of some of my writing samples to send out with my resume so I can get a job. (I must have killed hundreds of trees and that made me sad a little bit!)

Yesterday's gym session included an hour step class, a half hour abs class, and an hour Muscle Works class. (I wouldn't have done the abs class, but it was stuck in between the step and Muscle Works class, so I figured if I was going to be there, I may as well do it.)

That successfully takes care of my strength training for the week (although I'm going to try to work another day in if my schedule allows for it.)

In Muscle Works, I specifically didn't do the calf raises because of the problems I've been having. It doesn't seem like the best idea to tighten them up even more than they already are.

On the slate for today is teaching kickboxing class and then yoga. I'm going to try to throw in a lot of lower body stretching in yoga today, in hopes that it will help loosen up my legs.

Midterm Numero Uno is tomorrow....oh goody!

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  1. I have tight calf muscles too. I actually had a cramp, in bed, Sunday morning. Grrrr! Rolling them out has been helping. I have some knots I've been working on!

  2. I also have tight calf muscles. I just try stretching them all the time..when getting water, brushing teeth, standing in line, etc. LOL

  3. I don't know about flip flops, but I do know that I have certain shoes that I've linked to various aches and pains. I've eliminated those from my closet!

  4. I saw an article in the local paper awhile back on flip flops and how they're horrible for you. Still doesn't stop me from wearing them :P

  5. Anonymous4:57 PM

    First of all, I'm jealous that you can still wear flip-flops! The rain has arrived here, so no more flip-flops. :(

    I'm sure your yoga will be good for those tight calves. Stretch them and massage them out as much as possible!

    Good luck on the mid-terms!

  6. Hmmm...flip-flops. I think you may be on to something. When I wear mine in the summer my legs kill if I have to walk more than 20 minutes or so.

    201 copies?? Man, I don't even want to tell you what our office goes through in a day...

  7. Good luck on your midterm. Try some different shoes and see what happens. It's worth a shot.

  8. If flip flops do any damage, then I'm f*&ked. I wear flip flops half the days of my life.

  9. Those pictures of the 4 year old playing beer pong are hilarious :)

    I'm biased by working at a running shoe store but....flip flops are horrible for your feet. Keep stretching those calves though.

    Good luck on the midterms!