Octapolluza update

by - Thursday, October 11, 2007

Well I'm half way through week two and things have been going well. This no sweets thing is strangely easier than I thought. Although my friends laugh at me...they're like you won't eat sweets because a bunch of people you never met in your life are doing some thing for October. (I'll ponder this point in more detail in second.)

I took my rest day for the week on Tuesday because I had day jammed full of class, followed by a meeting for ODK (it's an honors, leadership fraternity) to vote in new members, followed by a soccer game, which we won 2-1.

Yesterday I had plans to run in the morning before the career fair, but that got thrown at the window because I wanted to spend the few hours in the morning organizing my cover letter, resume and writing samples. In the end, I think it paid off.

So instead of running in the morning, I taught a yoga class at night to a group of sorority girls. It was at 9:30 p.m. though...so far past my bedtime. Well not really, but not really the time of day I'm all about working out. But either way I got the workout in.

Today the weather is finally not in the 80's or 90's in fact we're hanging out in the low 70's! Yiiipppieee! I've got one more class today, and then I'm planning on heading out for a nice, slow run. I want to take it nice and slow to see how the calves hold up and all that jazz.

Now back to the previous statement about my friends laughing at me for sticking to something because of a whole group of people I've never met. It's weird because I when I talk about all of you to my friends here, I still refer to you all as my friends. Like when I was talking about Jess and the Chicago Marathon, I was saying, "Yea...I have a friend running in that." My people here think it's weird, but I don't know, what the heck else am I supposed to call you all? "The people whose blogs I read?" That sounds so unattached. I don't know...just my random musing of the day.

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  1. That's the way I describe them. They are all friends... and when I get to meet them in person, its like a reunion :-) We can just say this is one of those things they just don't "get". I'm OK with that!

  2. I know what you mean. Lisa (Java) and I have known each other for 3 years now and people are always like "and you know her from . . . ." and of course when I say the internet, people always look at me like you're a loser or a perv LOL *sigh* oh well . . .

  3. Excuse me I meant "I'm" not "you're" Blah I need more coffee LOL

  4. I refer to you bloggers as friends too. When I was telling my family about meeting up with bloggers in Chicago, I just said I was meeting up with some running friends. We're all friends by now, right?

  5. Blogger friends are friends in my book.:)

  6. I feel the same as you chica! There are times I am in conversation and I will catch myself saying... yeah my friend in Ohio, or North Carolina, or Florida, or Illinois.... etc... you get my point.

  7. Hi, I'm Scott. Nice to meet you. Now we're officially friends.