Weekend Wrap

by - Sunday, October 07, 2007

So much to say about this weekend. I promise I'll try to keep it brief.

First thing's first. Here's the workout/Octapolluza summary for week 1:
Met requirements for working out every day (except Friday when I took the optional rest day.)
Met strength training requirement.
Have been sweets free all week!

Saturday's run wasn't the greatest. My calves have been getting really tight as of late, and I'm not sure why. I've been trying to make sure I stretch plenty, but things still seem to be tight. I know some of you have mentioned some foam roller thing that supposedly helps out? What is it? Does it work? I'm thinking maybe something like that will help me out.

But even so, I was able to get in a solid 25 minute run Saturday before continuing the weekend's sporting festivities.

Which leads me to ponder the question: What is it about beer that can draw college students out of bed at 6 a.m. for kegs and eggs before a noon football game?

Personally, the idea of kegs and eggs repulses me. So while a few of my friends were tailgating in the pitch black, I got in a solid run and a shower and headed over for tailgating at 9 a.m. (but beer is still gross not matter what time of day it is....I know blasphemy...so needless to say, I was sober.)

I think the tailgate is best summed up by pictures/video:

9 a.m. Which one of us isn't sober?

Chugging milk out of a water bottle....Gross.

She was sitting on the end of the trunk to make a phone call....and then fell in.

Responsible parenting at it's best. This four year old child and his father beat two college kids at beer pong.

Kid holds ping pong ball.

Kid throws ping pong ball.

Free T-shirts!

Terps score! And fans sing fight song!

(It was 90 degree outside, I had to leave early in the 3rd quarter because I was so sunburned. Who thinks they'll need sunscreen in October? I finished watching on TV...Maryland over Georgia Tech 28-26)

In other rocking Terps news, the soccer team beat Clemson Friday night 3-2 in overtime! It's our first win in ACC play, leaving us with an overall record of 4-4-2. It was an excellent game. Sorry I don't have pictures. It was a little too intense to be whipping out my camera, but if you click the link you can check out the photo gallery from the game too!

I promised to keep it short, so that's it for now.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!

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  1. I love college football! Looks like fun! Next time tell those parents I will babysit the 4 year old. :>)

  2. Anonymous8:58 AM

    do you think you could have an injury? i had tightness in my calves for months (and it seems like you get tight calves often), and it turned out to be a calf strain. :( i had to take 3 weeks off, but so far so :). maybe you should get it checked out by a doctor. better off finding out if anything is wrong now than later.


  3. LMAO! Looks like a fab time!

  4. 1) congrats to week one of octapolluza!

    2) I heart beer pong.

    3) Congrats to the Terps!

  5. sounds like you had a blast!

    and sweets free.. before halloween.. you got some will power! i could never resist all that candy lining th e aisles:)

  6. You had a great weekend!! Terps won, ND won, and USC lost(which means most of us had a good weekend):-)

  7. Exciting weekend! Except for the beating Georgia Tech part :-)