Hannah ruined my run

by - Monday, September 08, 2008

Remember how I said I was finally packing work out clothes to take to Maryland so I could run?

Right, well Tropical Storm Hannah had other plans. Plans to the tune of five inches of rain on Saturday. Needless to say, I didn't run.

Instead my friend Sam and I camped out on her sofa and watched Notre Dame football, followed by Maryland football, followed by D.C. United soccer. (W-L-L...not so good!)

Sunday the weather was beautiful so Sam and I played a little bit of tennis before I headed back to College Park for another Terps soccer game.

The Terps were awesome this weekend, winning 3-0 on Friday and 4-1 on Sunday. (You can read more here.)

Got some mixed news back from the good ol' doc today. No diabetes (whooo hoo!!!) but most likely I have a sugar intolerance so I have to be extra careful about what I eat. Still no sugar, but carbs are OK as long as they are the whole grain/whole wheat, high fiber version.

I also have to write everything down, as well as all exercise, and my energy levels so we can monitor it and then I go back in six months for a re-check.

So some good news and some just plain annoying news because I wanted an answer for the sluggishness and stuff and didn't really get a solid one. Oh well, at least it's not diabetes!

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  1. You have to keep track of all of that stuff for the next six months? OMG. I couldn't imagine having a sugar intolerance. That is crazy. Glad to hear it's not diabetes.

    I saw a bit of that ND game... between naps! :)

  2. Awwhhh come on, you don't like running in the rain :P

    Dang break out that Notebook, chica. That totally stinks that you have to write everything down.

  3. thats good you know what its not but still sucks you dont know what exactly is going on... good luck!!

    stupid weather messes with everything :)

  4. Oh well.. with bad weather make use of the couch. At least its already football season ;)

    That sounds rough with the sugar intolerance. I guess its going to be a lot of healthy eating for you now.

  5. That sucks. I had to keep track my food for awhile myself. It really does help to narrow down what has been bringing you down. It's well worth it.

  6. I feel your pain. I have fructose intolerance and low blood sugar. Just be thankful you don't have to prick your finger 4 times a day like I did while pregnant. Did you have to take a GTT? Those are awful. Glad you didn't have any bad news. Just hang in there.

  7. Well, there's some good news there. I've never heard of sugar intolerance, but gaining knowledge is most of the battle! Rock on!! :-)

  8. Any time "not diabetes" is included with a diagnosis is a good thing. Kick Hannah to the curb and get out there.

  9. Sugar Intolerance? That does NOT sound like fun. I am glad it's nothing too serious. IT's scary to have health problems like that when you're young and fabulous!

  10. Well that is good news that it's not Diabetes!! I agree with Marcy, time to break out the notebook!