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by - Friday, September 12, 2008

Sorry for the lag time between posts. I haven't had much free time lately or well I guess I have, I've just been using it to get my life together. (i.e. working on completing the switch from the old computer to the new computer, trying to figure out why half my music disappeared in said switch, etc., etc.)

I'll do a quick update bullet point style:

  • Wednesday night my soccer leauge started back up. Because we had a ton of defenders, I saw a little action at forward in the first half. That was an interesting experience to be sure. I haven't played forward since I was in like 6th grade. I was able to switch back to my normal defensive position half way through the first half though. Unfortunately we lost 3-0. I guess that will happen when you play a high school team that just joined the league to keep in shape in the off season.
  • My doctor has me taking melatonin to help me sleep better and maybe figure out the cause to some of this fatigue stuff. I should mention that melatonin is a supplement that helps your body sync to natural circadian rhythm and isn't one of those addictive sleeping pill dealies. I've been taking it for three days so far, and I definitely feel like I've been getting more quality sleep. So score one for the doc!
  • I'm meeting a co-worker for tennis during my hour and half lunch break today. I think it will be the first time in the eight or nine months since I started working here that I will actually use the full hour and a half. Usually I only take an hour at most.
  • I'm heading to Maryland again this weekend. My soccer boys play Boston College in their ACC opener. It should be a good and close game. Tomorrow Terps football plays Cal. That unfortunately, has every potential to be a blow out in the wrong way. Tailgating tonight for the soccer game at 5:30 p.m. Tailgating tomorrow morning for football at 6 a.m. Oof! I hate noon kick-offs.
  • Maybe getting free tickets to Saturday's D.C. United game. A guy my friend knows apparently has two he might not be using! That would make for an awesome, sports-filled weekend.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I'm taking my running stuff with me to Maryland again, we'll see if I have time to cram in a run at some point.

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  1. Hi Jess

    I have heard that melatonin can work wonders. And you are right, it is certainly not addictive like some of the true sleeping pills.

    Cal just beat my Michigan State team a couple weeks ago and they are pretty tough.

    Have a great trip and see if you can "cram" in a run along with all the other stuff.

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling better. have a good weekend!

  3. Sound slike you've been busy!

  4. Dang I'm gonna have to hook me up with some melatonin. Well actually I'll have to hook the kids up with it :P

  5. Soccer is crazy enough when its all in the same city!! You have a great weekend!!

  6. BUSY girl!!! sounds like another great weekend!!!

  7. > Sorry for the lag time between posts.

    No worries. Sorry for the lag time between readings!


  8. Nice post on Deadspin--you're right, I had forgotten about all the rumors surrounding Brady's foot before he even threw one pass.

  9. Melatonin has helped kick start better sleep for me, too. Hooray for it!!!

    Have a great time this weekend - I'm sure you will with all of that soccer. :)

  10. Anonymous8:34 AM

    I got nothing other than your blog name caught my eye. Plus, I run marathons so I stopped by. Stream of conscience stuff bores me to tears Jess. Anyway, email me at if you need any running advice. I have tons of it.

  11. Glad you are sleeping better. Got to keep up the energy to cheer at the game! Enjoy DC United.

  12. i take melatonin sometimes. it doesn't always work for me, but doesn't seem to be addictive or leave me feeling tired in the morning.

    have a fun trip!

  13. Good stuff with the melatonin, I've heard about a lot of good results with it!
    Hope you are feeling super zippy soon!
    1.5 hour lunch break...sounds good to me!!

  14. Laughing at me about the Notre Dame game huh? LOL!! And I was going to be nice and congratulate you on the Terps big win. We just handed our game away. The Terps looked very good.

  15. The tone of this post is a lot better than your last! Sounds like you may be feeling better!