I must have some seriously bad kharma...

by - Monday, December 29, 2008

How else do you explain getting sick over the holidays two years in a row?

I thought my horrible plague from last year was enough to warrant me at least a few years of health at the holidays, but apparently not.

On Christmas Eve I started feeling like crap. My throat burned, my head pounded and my sinuses felt like little drummer boys were practicing for the next day. Of course, all this strikes in the middle of my favorite Christmas party of the season. The hostess was nice enough to offer me some Sudafed and Advil so I could make it through the rest of the party and to church.

Christmas wasn't much better, but my family was going to my uncles house to celebrate and there was no way I was spending it at home. So more Advil, more Sudafed and off to the dirty Jerz to visit my uncle (and his two insane Jack Russell terriers.)

The rest of my time off was more of the same.

I'm not much better today, but I'm to the point where it wasn't absolutely necessary for me to do the Advil/Sudafed combo to get out of bed and get to work. I guess that's progress.

Needless to say, I have been completely unable to run over my vacation, which sucks so bad because I had some nice long runs planned to rack up points in the HBBC. Instead I had to settle for some walking, playing Wii with my cousin and building furniture (all under the influence of Advil/Sudafed). Not the best workouts ever, but I guess it was better than nothing.

I'm hoping to kick this thing in the next few days because the temps have been so beautiful (think high 60's) that it's killing me to not be out running!

Side note: It's awfully demoralizing to get destroyed in Wii by your 7-year-old cousin in front of many other relatives.

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  1. Ick! That's a bummer. I hope you feel better soon. Cheers!

  2. yea get plenty of liquids and you'll feel better soon. try some pomegranate juice, it always works for me.

  3. (((HUGS))) Ohhh man. I'm sorry you're not feeling well chica! Hang in there!

    Don't sweat the Wii thing. Won't be too long before my 4 y.o takes me on LMAO!

  4. Man that really stinks!! I've been trying to really watch my eating and make sure I get vitamins to stay healthy, but sometimes it just happens

  5. yuck i hate being sick!!! i have been sick for the last 1-2 weeks too and just cant seem to shake the cough.. not fun! hope you feel better soon!

  6. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Hope you kick this thing soon. Getting sick over the holidays is the worst. But, good for you for still staying as active as you could.

  7. So sorry to hear about being sick! Feel better!

  8. Get well soon. It's cruddy to get sick over the holidays. :-(

  9. Sorry you got sick, chica! It's funny how our bodies crash and burn when down time arrives. Hope you feel better soon!

  10. Anonymous12:34 PM

    So sorry you've been sick! At least you have an excuse for getting beat by a kid, though. :)

  11. Oh that does suck! Get well soon!

  12. I hope you start to feel better soon. It is just that time of year, just stinks it is during the holidays.

    congrats on your 5miler PR!!

    Best wishes for a great 2009!

  13. I hope you're feeling better! I was sick the 23rd through the 27th, and that sucked! Good luck!

    Happy New Year!!

  14. I get beat at Wii games by my 4 year old all the time. LOL Feel better soon!!

  15. BOO Eagles! GO VIKES!


    I think you'll come out on top in this exchange. I guess we'll find out in about 4 hours...