Running, earning points and what I want for Christmas

by - Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Last night I got in my scheduled three miler, which ended up being closer to a 4.3ish miler, but I'm not complaining. Overall things went well. I was tired when I got home from work, but I knew I wanted to get out and get this run done.

It was definitely chilly went I started and for a while I was wishing I had layered one of my lighter fleeces over my Under Armour, but after about the second mile I wasn't feeling too cold anymore and by the end I was really glad I hadn't worn the fleece.

I did try out this new pair of running gloves my mom bought me at an expo. I'm not a fan of running in gloves because they usually make my hands all sweaty, but these gloves rocked and I only found myself wanting to take them off at the very very end.

I did the same route on 16th St. that I did last week and it worked well except for a few a street crossing right at the beginning and end. There's a traffic circle separating D.C. from Silver Spring that is a true pain in the ass to navigate in car or on foot. Lucky for me, a very nice lady stopped and let me cross the street when I had the right of way after a whole of bunch other cars hadn't.

Adding my commute (1.5 miles of walking round trip!) and my stretching to my run, I earned 6.4 points to kick off the HBBC! Not a bad start!

I've got a 6 miler on tap for tonight. Time to hit up MapMyRun for a good route.

I was looking for awesome night time/early morning running gear so that I can see where I'm going. I always think head lamps look clunky and I just can't bring myself to strap something on my head. But then I stumbled across this:

It's a running hat, with a little light built into it. How perfect! I want one so badly. Hint, hint Christmas is just around the corner and it's less than $20.

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  1. Hey that hat is pretty cool!

    What kind og gloves do you have? I need a new pair. BAH!

    Great job on the run chica!

  2. Great job on the points you racked up!

    The hat looks super good. If Santa brings it let us know how bright the light is.

  3. That's a cool hat! Nice job on the run.

  4. dude that has always been my issue with head lights.. love it!

  5. I've seen those hat-light things at eddie baure stores too. they are usually listed as a camping accessory.

    sounds like a great run! i'm still trying to get mine in today. bah.

  6. LOL... I'll call Santa for you :-) I lurve my running gloves. I found them on sale after last Christmas for six dollars. They are made out of the same type of fabric as running shirts. Good stuff!!!

  7. Good just with the run.

    I've seen that hat. But I thought the light was more for others to see you.

  8. That hat is such a great idea. Hopefully Santa comes through.

  9. hey! How hard was it to find a job in journalism after graduating? I am so lost as to what I want to do or if there will be jobs out there! Chicago doesn't offer much to first year grads! Do you plan on a Chi town marathon? Thats my ultimate goal.

  10. Thanks, Jess, good luck to you, too! And I might have to look into that hat a little more...

    And good news on the injury front - sounds like I'll be back to running in about a month... just in time for the Challenge's end :)

  11. nice hat! what a great idea!

  12. Yes, warm, reflective clothing is necessary. The hat can also be used for coal mining too so that's a nice bonus.

  13. That hat looks awesome! I only wear gloves at the beginning and then I end up taking them off when I warm up!