Six miler leads to two rest days

by - Friday, December 12, 2008

Tuesday night I ran a solid six miler in 1:02 or 1:03ish. I felt tired before I headed out and the first three miles felt hard, but after the turn around I felt better. Maybe it was just the mental thing knowing that I was on the way back that let me pick up my pace in the second half of the run.

The first three miles I hit all my splits at almost exactly 11 minute miles. By if you'll notice from my finish time, I must have picked it up a bit on the way back in to finish with that time.

I stretched really well after I got home, but still woke up sore the next morning. (Not like super painful sore, but my legs felt really heavy walking to and from the Metro.)

Because of that I skipped my Wednesday scheduled three miler. I just wanted to relax my legs. I had thought about maybe rescheduling it for yesterday (my normally schedule rest day) but I didn't want to run three days in a row with a pace run tonight and a long run tomorrow. So no running for me.

Tonight I have another six miler at pace and this weekend I've got 11 on the schedule. I'm a little nervous about the 11. I haven't run that kind of distance in a long, long time.

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  1. I think the 11 milers become all about the mental attitude. So try to find something to listen to that you can zone out on for awhile and just keep saying to yourself how strong you are and how proud of yourself you'll be to accomplish this. I know that's what I'll be doing!!

  2. Hey, six miles is fantastic! you run the 6 as a warm up to get the lungs and legs prepped for the 11. So if you're sore now from the 6 then the 11 will work out the soreness and you will feel fine. The first time I ran in double digits I was scared ruthless (it was only a month ago) and tomorrow i am supposed to run 18, and i have all the confidence in the world.

    Put the miles under your feet and you will be fine. I promise.

  3. You've totally got it in you to knock out 11.

  4. You'll do fine on your 11. Just take it one mile at a time!

  5. Hi Jess

    Wow, you are running really well. It is nice when you can feel good enough on a 6 miler to pick it up for the second half.

    Your 11 miler will go just fine if you pace it out reasonably. Stick to that goal pace and you will find yourself picking it up at the end just like that 6.

    Best of luck.

  6. Well, the 11 is an endurance run. Don't worry about pace or time!! Sorry your Terps got knocked out of the soccer finals... They played a great game though!!

  7. Great job on your 6 miler! I'm sure your 11 miler will go (or went)well too!!! Like the others have said, it's about the endurance and the mental side, so take your time and think positive!