D.C. and Philly birthdays

by - Monday, August 03, 2009

This weekend was all about having fun, staying out too late and celebrating birthdays. My good friend Laurie turned 23 on Friday and my baby bro turned 21 on Saturday.

Friday was dinner and dancing in D.C. and we had a blast.

We headed to Adam's Morgan for dancing and spent the night at Eighteen and Red and Heaven and Hell. On our way between the two bars we bumped into TV crews and mobs of people wearing dangly things around their necks. Oh hey...it was the Real World D.C. cast. They were going to Tom Tom, which had a line twisting down the block of people hoping for their 15 minutes of fame caught on camera with the Real World cast.

I didn't get home until close to 2:30 a.m. Seriously that's the latest I've been out in months. (I'm the lamest twentysomething ever.) Passed out and slept until noon. Felt like I was back in college.

After spending some time visiting with the BFs fam (his grandparents were in town) we hit the road for a trip to Philly for my baby bro's 21st. The BF has never been to Philly so the plan was to head to the bars with my brother Saturday night and then do fun Philly stuff Sunday.

My brother arranged a sweet open bar where $30 got you all the top shelf liquor and all domestic and imported beers you could drink for two hours. I didn't take part in the open bar part. I had two drinks and a shot. Not worth $30. My bro, his friends the BF and my cousins all loooooved it though.

Check out the sweet photo evidence:

Sibling tequila shots and my last drink of the night. Probably around 11:30.

Mind Erasers with our cousins.

Left to right (My bro, and his friends Sookhoo, Jason and Keith)

BF buying the bro car bombs. Both ended up very drunk and had a long heart to heart about life lol.

My brother's been known to bust a move.

Yea that's the sprinkler...also check out the sweet spillage on his shirt.

After three bars and many hours of fun, I collapsed into the hotel bed sometime around 3:30 a.m. Thank goodness check out wasn't until noon.

Sunday it was pouring rain which killed me and the BF's plans to see Philly sites. We didn't leave however without getting the BF his first ever Philly cheesesteak.

Directions on the proper way to order a cheesesteak.

BF approves.

Got back to D.C. Sunday around 6 p.m. Did some grocery shopping, grabbed a quick nap and then made a late dinner and settled in for Shark Week! It's my favorite week of television of the year. If you've got a minute take this awesome quiz from Discovery Channel to find out which kind of shark you are! I got the Great White (I love it, except for the part where it says I'm dumb haha!)

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  1. LOL @ CJ... he's been studying under Glaven, it would appear :-) I ain't twenty-something either chica, but 2:30 AM? Really? We need to put your liver on a training plan :-D

  2. I'm a total lamo too when it comes to staying out late any more...every once in awhile I can hang and it's fun...but not all the time anymore!

  3. The Real World is still going strong, huh? I think the last season I saw was back with those crazies in Hawaii, and that was probably at least 10 years ago.

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

  4. Sounds like a long but very fun weekend! It's a good time pretending you're still in college sometimes ;)

  5. Hi Jess

    I've got to admit that I had a huge smile on my face reading this post. I have been in that same position so many times, both as the birthdayer and the birthdaysitter. It looks like you guys had a blast.

    There will always be time to run...

    Take care.

  6. Looks like your brother had a classic 21st birthday! I love the days when I feel like I'm back in college...although I usually wake up the next morning remembering why I'm not in college anymore! Too old for all that crazy partying business!

  7. Anonymous8:55 AM

    It would take me a week to recovery from your weekend. I am such an old fart these days! Glad everyone had lots of fun.

  8. You're brother is kind of a cutie. :o)
    Looks like everyone had a GREAT time!

  9. When did the puking occur?

  10. haha love the drunk pics. the sprinkler is awesome. hang onto that one - you never know when you'll need it ;)

  11. Hey, sister I'm from Philly, originally! Know what the best thing about Philadelphia is? It's conveniently located near Camden, NJ, which guarantees it'll look good by way of comparison.

    This is also why Carolina Cletus lives in SC - so he'll look good in comparison to all those other hillbilly f*cktards. But, sadly, it doesn't work for him.

    I lied. That's not sad. It's friggen HILARIOUS!1!