Motivation FAIL

by - Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I have no motivation lately to do anything other than sleep. I came home from a rough and long day at work yesterday thinking that it would be great to go out on a run to blow off some steam.

But instead I came up with a million and one excuses why not too:

I needed to go buy a new hair dryer because my old one exploded (OK that was true)
It looked like it was going to start pouring any second.
I was exhausted.
I just wanted to take a long hot shower, curl up with a good book and relax (this is what I did.)

Where did my running mojo go?

I know a lot of times this summer during training I felt bouts of burnout. Like I needed a break, but I tried to push through because I knew I had a race on the horizon that required training.

Now I have nothing on the horizon but a 5K that I'm doing for fun in a few weeks and then a 10K and a five miler at the end of December.

I thought I would enjoy not having the stress of having a race. I could get back to running just for fun. Not feeling like I "had" to run.

But lately, I haven't been feeling that at all. I've been super tired (yea I know I really need to start hitting the hay earlier) and have come home from work and just curled up in bed to nap or read.

I think part of the problem is I'm not sure where to go from here. I was riding this huge runner's high coming off VB and PDR and now I'm just like soooo now what.

So how do I get my motivation back? I'm not sure I want to slap another long race on the calendar and get back into hardcore training. But I need something to get me motivated again.

Have any of you dealt with this? What'd you do? I'm open to any and all suggestions on how to get my mojo back.

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  1. sunshine tends to help with the running mojo. for me (a sun/summer hater) the cooler temps and changing leaves mean i can finally get back outside and enjoy the fall without heat exhaustion.

    it could also be your brain telling you to refocus. might want to give cycling a try? don't know how popular that is in DC, but i think there are bike trails everywhere. my cousin lives near one. just one suggestion.

  2. Maybe you just need a recovery week (for starters) and then find something new to focus on for now (new race, new endeavor of some sort, etc)

  3. You need a challenge.

    You must attempt to summit Everest.

    After that, you and hawt Emily should look into space exploration.

    After that ... O, just read a book already!

    I like how Car. Cletus is acting like he'd know what a brain sounded like when it was talking to you! That's like listening to a Eunuch talk about n*ts@ck maintenance!


  4. You just did back to back half marathons. You need to relax for a while. When you feel the urge to run, you know your mojo is coming back :-)

  5. well just need to switch up? what about a few weeks off running where you focus on all kinds of cross training?

  6. I took more than a week off after my marathon and it did wonders. I also went through the "now what" stage. I scoured for some local 1/2 marathons or even a full marathon and there is nothing in the area until spring. I have my sights on a new 10K PR mid October and then a 5K.

  7. You need to start running again. As much as you don't want to, running is where your running mojo is. I know that sounds weird, but it's true. Whenever I don't want to run, I go for a run and I feel better. Keep that in mind, and find another race to look forward to.

    Hope you find it!

  8. Everyone has had the same feeling from time to time. Maybe take the week off, then decide what you want from running and build from there.

  9. Maybe just take some time to recover and then start looking for your next event? That always seemed to help me!

    BTW, I have something for you on my post this evening!

  10. i think you should take a week, maybe two? off with no pressure. run if you can/feel like it, but otherwise enjoy just taking it easy. find another half (or a full, if you want) in december-ish? to have ahead of you after your week off? you definitely deserve a break and i can't blame you on feeling a little burnt out. i don't think training through the summer was easy - i am ready for a break myself!

  11. hey- i just found your blog...I think I agree with some of the others who said try something else for a few weeks, maybe take a class you have never done before and see how it goes. i bet you'll miss running and want it back!

  12. You'll get that mojo back. It's in there some where. A good sunny day usually does it for me. Good luck!

  13. you will get it back!! maybe you just need a little break, or maybe you need to go for a run? sometimes thats where i find my mojo :) good luck!!