Zipfizz review

by - Thursday, September 17, 2009

When I was at the expo for the Virginia Beach Half Marathon, I had the pleasure of meeting Breona from Zipfizz. Before the expo I had no idea what Zipfizz was, but they were giving out samples and you know me, I love me some free expo samples.

After I tried the little cup of the tangy, fizzy mix, I knew it was something I wanted to write about because it was super yummy and apparently pretty healthy too. So Breona gave me a few samples.

Here's what the company's Web site says:

"Zipfizz is the only healthy energy drink-mix powder in a tube. Delivering an advanced formula that provides a significant amount of vitamins, fewer calories, lower carbohydrates and superior taste! Simply put, it's different because it's good for you!"

Zipfizz comes in five flavors, berry, citrus, orange soda, grape and pink lemonade. Pink Lemonade was my favorite. It was tangy and fizzy and tasted just like lemonade with no funky after taste or anything. I tried the Orange Soda too, but wasn't a huge fan.

Zipfizz is an energy drink, which means it has caffeine in it. Normally I try to stay away from caffeine all the time because I think it's better to be well rested and have actual energy rather than needing a caffeine hit every morning to function. But, I have to admit, I was really glad I had the Pink Lemonade Zipfizz to dump into my normal bottle of water last Tuesday when I was really dragging.

It did a nice job of perking me up without making me feel jittery. Plus for only 10 calories the Pink Lemoade flavor packed all the Vitamin C and B I needed for a day, plus a good portion of Vitamin E, Riboflavin, Thaimin and Niacin.

So while, I'm not big on caffeine in general, if it was just one of those days, I'd rather have Zipfizz than soda or coffee.

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  1. Got to have something to give you the zip :-)

  2. never seen that before...

  3. sounds good. but it makes me wonder:

    Zipfizz is the only healthy energy drink-mix powder in a tube

    do other people make other healthy energy drink-mixes in non tubes? hum.

  4. The packaging is adorable! Sounds good.

  5. Huh, I've never heard of it. Thanks for the review!

  6. i totally missed this table... they sound good though! way to score some freebies :)

    did you ever figure out your race for the cure shirt? jw what you guys settled on.

  7. hmm very interesting, I like the idea