A lazy day and tons of challenges

by - Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yesterday was the perfect day to have off for Veterans Day. Thanks to all the veterans who have served and are currently serving!

I spent my day off being a complete lazy bum. It was cold and rainy outside. I toyed with the idea of going to the gym, but instead spent the day curled up under the covers watching bad TV and reading. It wasn't productive, but it was relaxing and sometimes we all need a day like that.

Last night my roommate and I went to a really interesting discussion at the University of Maryland. Every year the journalism school hosts a sports journalism symposium where important people in the world of sports come together to discuss a variety of different topics. Last night's discussion mainly centered around whether NCAA football and basketball players should get paid (On average they spend 44+ hours each week on their sports, according to new survey results.)

It was so interesting to hear Scott Van Pelt, Michael Wilbon, Connie Chung, Gary Williams (UMD's basketball coach) and Stephon Heyer (a UMD-grad who currently plays for the Washington Redskins), among others talking about those issues.

I don't know where I stand on the pay athletes debate. I can see the merits to it, but then again, I can't. Do any of you have a clear opinion of where you fall on that issue?


There are so many challenges currently going on and about to start in blogland. Here's a quick run down of the ones I'm doing in case any of you want to join.

Pile on the Miles. I think it's probably too late to join this one. I wrote about it in the beginning of the month. The goal here is to run as many miles as possible between now and Thanksgiving. Piling on the piles, not the pounds. I'm doing OK...not great.

Holiday Bootie Buster. Amanda hosted this one last year and she's hosting it again this year. It kicks off right before Thanksgiving and your earn points based on the kinds of workouts you do. It's tons of fun and Amanda always has great prizes for the winners.

Whittle Your Middle
. This one's hosted by Angela at Oh She Glows. The goal here is to rebuild core strength that was lost during a summer of training for races. Since I've sorely been neglected core work, I think this is a good one to jump on board with. It kicked off yesterday and runs through Dec. 10th.

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  1. man you got the day off...i kinda don't like you right now :)

    yeahhh for bootie bustin!! I'm also trying to do whittle your middle, man I need it

  2. In my opinion, college athletes ARE getting paid -- via scholarships. And, depending on their university, that can be a hefty sum that the college is already shelling out in order to have them play. (Plus, unless they are playing for private schools, much of that scholarship $$ is coming from tax revenue.)

    Of course, I think I am a bit biased since I teach in higher ed, and I think that college's primary purpose should be academics. And while I understand that many college athletes use college as merely a stepping stone into professional sports, only a small percentage of them will ever play at the pro level, and even then, their athletic career's "life expectancy" is an average of 10 years.

    Therefore, when they get to be 32 or 33, they're really gonna need that degree that was funded by their respective university.

  3. I was so lazy yesterday too but I think you are right, we need them!
    We really need those challenges this time of year :)

  4. bootie buster and whittle your middle sound great. i know they are pretty popular. i will not be participating b/c i am lazy now. that is all.

  5. I kind of think that college athletes do get "paid." Scholarships! College isn't cheap by any means, and many athletes are receiving a free education (that many of them blow off anyway...at least in terms of basketball and football. I can't speak for the other sports!). They also get lots of free gear and random things (I remember the basketball team getting scooters...). And they travel in style...what a treat it was when the band got to travel with the basketball team. On the airplane, we would cram into every single seat in the back, and the basketball players got a whole row to themselves. I don't feel bad if they don't get paid. :)

  6. I think college nerds should be paid. Think of how much they have to shell out EACH YEAR on underwear ALONE because of all those atomic wedgies they get for being nerds!

    It brings a tear to my eye.

    From laughing. Hahahahaha! Stupid NERDS!

    Nice pants!

    The flood is over
    The land is dry
    So why do you wear your pants so high?


    The money we pay nerds will just end up in the hands of the jocks anyway when they steal it from the nerds or make them pay it to them for "protection". But at least the jocks will have to work for it, which is more than they do now.

  7. Oh, all the wonderful challenges! And to think, I am going to add the HBB to all the challenges I am already doing!

  8. i pretty much agree with 21-days-jess -- in my opinion they are essentially getting paid via scholarships. they also get other benefits throughout the year, especially if they make a bowl game (well, football).