Running and computer woes

by - Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yesterday I managed to get outside for a 4.5 mile run. It was nice to be breathing fresh air while running and not the stinky, stale gym air that I'm slowly getting accustomed to with treadmill running.

My legs must have been feeling pretty good after a five mile run on Monday and some Jillian on Tuesday because I was able to clock out 9:10 minute miles (on average) on a hilly route.

I'm enjoying this bit of a warm spell we're having this late in November. This weekend we hit about 75 degrees on Sunday and early this week the temps have been pretty mild. I haven't had to bust out any Under Armour yet (knock on wood). I'll take it while I can get it. This winter is supposed to be brutal here.

In other news, tonight the Terps play in the first round of the NCAA tournament. It's the first time in something like eight years that we didn't have a first round bye. The whole bracket this year is rather crappy. The NCAA really messed up with some of the seeding. Bad teams got really high spots. Because we got such a crappy seed, tonight is our last home game of the season. It's hard to believe the season is wrapping up already.

On another note, lately my Mac has been acting like it's on dial up when connecting to the Internet. At first I thought it was my crappy Comcast service (after the headaches with them in August and September, who could blame me?) but yesterday I had my work laptop at home and it connected much faster. Made me wonder if something is going on with my Macs wireless card. I made an appointment for the Genius Bar on Saturday, so hopefully they'll be able to figure something out.

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  1. Are you using Firefox or Safari? I used to use Firefox and it was SO slow -- the Genius Bar told me to switch to Safari and it's a million times better.

  2. MAC GEEK ALERT - have you updated your software lately? Sometimes there's an Airport Update and that helps.

  3. Our weather here has been all over the place. 81 degrees when I ran on Sunday, 42 on Tuesday (I think...maybe 44...something like that)

  4. Dianna put her Mac on Applecare, which I always thought was a waste of money... until her hard drive failed and they fixed the whole thing for FREE.... Astounding. Yeah, the Genius Bar people are pretty cool - definitely make the appointment first.

  5. It's been nice not having to break out the winter gear! Great job on the running this week!

  6. Nice runs! I'm getting a little blah on the gym treadmills already too, so am trying to get outside if it's all but raining. Glad you've had some warm temps!

    I agree with trying firefox or safari for your browser windows first too, I think they are much better than IE.

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  8. Yeah..I can't's what it should have said.
    "On a Mac? Thus another reason why I like this blog."

  9. Nice job on the run.

    We have had unseasonable weather here... a lot warmer than usual for November. however, I think we are expected to get some rain/snow on Sunday... yay. Can you sense my excitement?