Classes for next semester

by - Friday, December 04, 2009

This has not been a good week on the workout front for me. I've done a whopping one day of anything strenuous, which is no good for the HBBC.

I just haven't had any motivation and I've been run down and overly tired. Plus my nose is running off my face. I hope I'm not getting sick.

In other news, my Web design class is wrapping up for the semester and I'm trying to plan what I want to take next semester. This class was online, which was great for my schedule. I could work class around my job and my workouts. It was perfect. If you're super curious, here's the page I designed for my final project. The theme was social justice and we had to center the website around a Smithsonian exhibit we visited. I picked Animal Conservation at the Zoo because I had just been there for my birthday.

I'm not sure what my plan is for next semester. I'm toying with the idea of taking the advanced web design class, but I'm also thinking it would be fun to take some sort of health/nutrition class. I mean come on, I write a running blog, it's pretty obvious that I'm into healthy living and all that.

I'm not really taking the classes for anything other than personal development. I miss learning like crazy. I've toyed with the idea of grad school, but the GRE and huge amounts of debt aren't things I want to deal with in the near future. Plus I also don't know what I'd study. I mean I love health and fitness and the idea of getting a Masters in public health seems cool, but I also really like web stuff and it'd be fun to study that too.

So, I don't know what my plan is. Part of me thinks it's silly to spend the money on classes if the credits aren't going toward any sort of degree, but the nerd part of me that loves homework and learning doesn't want to stop.

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  1. I love learning too! There's just something about it! Which reminds me....., oh, I will just have to save that info for another post!

    Getting those F/V in for the HBBC is so hard. BUt, I think I am going to make it today!

  2. maybe go to a community college if that is cheaper and you aren't working towards a degree?

  3. Good for you doing the classes. Who cares if it's not going toward a degree!

  4. I don't think that learning needs to be formal to be personally enriching.

    There was a time when I used to be considered smart (of course if you ask my kids if that is true they will look at you strangely as there are times that they are sure that I peaked at moron). When I was smart I got my MBA going one class at a time at night.

    I've also done a lot of learning on my own and found that even more enriching and valuable to others. Personal development in and of itself is great.

    The most valuable thing that I learned was how to learn. I believe having advanced degrees is impressive only since they are evidence that, while the topic may be dated and not relevant anymore (see mainframe computers), the person with it proved that they can focus and complete something significant.

    Good luck in figuring out your plan but it may help to think of it as a journey, not a destination.

  5. I think I would have wanted to go to school forever too..wait, I do, I'm a teacher-duh! But I seriously love going to school and doing the reading, etc. I totally get what you're saying!

  6. do your MPH like me! you don't have to get into debt - you can do a part-time grad assistantship ship like I did :) in our curriculum, we had an informatics class that was ALL about the web and technologies for communicating health information... it was really cool.

  7. maybe if you do ever go for an "official" program you can have some of these credits transferred? very cool that you are dabbling in a few classes of interest here and there - keeps it as something fun instead of a chore. i know sometimes the mountain of classwork/studying wore me down anyway, and with maintaining a job/paying bills/being an adult on top of that?! whew.

    does your runny nose not earn you any HBBC points for it's mileage? ;)

  8. If you enjoy the classes, there doesn't have to be a purpose beyong your own personal knowledge and enrichment.

  9. Do you just take classes through the a community college? Or is there an online education site that you recommend? I wanted to find a place to take a class in the spring, but I couldn't tell if any online places were legit!

    I've thought about an MPH as well, but I don't know what I would do with it after I finished. I know what I'm interested in, but I don't know what kind of job it would lead to. Either way, I don't think it's a bad thing to take's always good to be learning and you never know when that knowledge will come in handy.