A decade in review

by - Thursday, December 31, 2009

I did my year in review the other day, now it's time to take a look back on the entire decade.

2000: Y2K had everyone all in a tizzy, but I was in 8th grade and figured there was no way the world was going to implode, that my small savings account would have no money in it, or that any of the other doomsday things would actually happen. Turns out I was right. I was a smart little kid. Also started my freshman year of high school in the fall.

2001: Very briefly dated my very first boyfriend ever. Six months later dated my second boyfriend. Neither lasted more than a few weeks. Sat in my sophomore year home room, as I watched the news and thought there had been a horrible accident when a plane flew into the World Trade Center. Realized it wasn't an accident as I watched the second plane fly into the other tower.

2002: I started my junior year of high school. I took the SATs for the first time and did so-so. I'd take them two more times before I was sort of happy with my score.

2003: I was still a junior in the beginning of the year and scored a dancers role in our school's production of Guys and Dolls. I went to prom. Visited college campuses and sent out applications.

2004: Narrowed college decision down to Temple or UMD. Chose UMD in the end, one of the best decisions ever. Went to senior prom. Graduated from high school. Started college.

2005: Felt like a pro at the whole college thing by my second semester. Figured out I'd be able to graduate a semester early. Made some of my best friends to this day. Scored my first job on the staff of the college paper and started teaching fitnesses classes at the gym on campus. Took a day trip to NC to watch the soccer team win the National Championship.

2006: Registered, trained for and ran my first marathon. Quit said job at school paper because it was running me into the ground. Took heavy class loads both semesters because I'm an overachiever. Started the blog. Moved into my first apartment with my friends.

2007: Ran my first half marathon with strep throat. Won a bunch of "I'm an overachiever awards." Graduated college a semester early with a 3.9. Still hate those two B+s to this day.

2008: Went on my first cruise ever with my college roommates. Started my first job as a newspaper reporter. Ran another half marathon. Spent the entire summer in physical therapy for my knee problems. Missed many great races because of it. Left reporting job after 10 months to start current government job. Met and started dating the BF. Watched the Terps win another soccer National Championship.

2009: Ran seven races, three of which were half marathons. Have hopefully left knee problems in the past. Lost much of college weight. Celebrated one year anniversary at said job. And various other things you can read about in my year in review post.

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  1. You must've been such a disciplined college student running a marathon! I didn't even take Friday classes because I couldn't haul my ass outta bed on that day!

    I too was a staff member on my college newspaper, and after a year, had to quit too because it wore me into the ground as well! We used to stay up ALL night on Tuesday night to get the paper done by its Wed noon deadline. A couple semesters of that were enough!

  2. wow you are young! i mean that's a good thing, but i forget sometimes. 8th grade? i was already married.

    you've had a wild decade with more life changes than you know what to do with. only the young can keep up with that much.

    just think, the next decade might hold marriage and kids and more marathons! have a great new year's Jess!

  3. Hard to believe you were in eighth grade in 2K... You are such a fun and mature young woman. Have a happy new year and a great 2010!!!

  4. I wish I had found your blog when I was back at Maryland...that would have been awesome!

    Happy New Year!!

  5. i loved your decade review, i borrowed the idea from you and some others :) i enjoyed making some other people feel old since we were still in high school/college ;)

    happy new year! may 2010 be happy, healthy and speedy!