Cooking Challenge: Overnight Oats

by - Friday, July 09, 2010

All week long I've been craving cold dinner foods because of how hot it's been, and I've been intrigued by Angela's overnight oats.

The idea behind overnight oats is to prepare traditional oatmeal the night before you plan to eat it and then put it in the fridge to chill. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about eating uncooked oats, but I thought I'd give it a try.

The night before I combine:

1/2 c. oats
3/4 c. milk
Generous sprinkle of coco powder
Splash of vanilla

I mixed it all up and put it in the fridge over night.

The next day, when I got home from work I made the last part of my overnight oats parfait: Strawberry banana soft serve, another idea I borrowed from Angela.

When you throw a frozen banana in the blender and run it for a few minutes, you end up with a soft serve similar to frozen yogurt. You can add all different thing to the banana for flavor. For example, one time I tried with strawberries, another time I used peanut butter.

For the record, I hate bananas, the taste and texture is gross, but I figured I could mask all that with the other flavors. After all, I like strawberry banana yogurt.

After blending the soft serve and giving the over night oats a good stir, I layered them in a tall glass sprinkling in some extra coco powder for a little sweetness.

In the end I loved the strawberry banana soft serve, but the texture of the overnight oats grossed me out. I barely ate half the first layer before passing the whole thing off to my roommate, who thought it was really good.

It was a fun experiment to try, and I think I'll keep playing with flavors for the banana soft serve, but I will not be going back to the overnight oats. They were just a little too weird for me.

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