Thursday Three

by - Thursday, July 15, 2010

1. I think my internal clock is starting to adapt to my 5 a.m. mornings. Most mornings I'm less tired when my alarm goes off and I seem to have more energy. This morning I actually woke up at 4:40 ready to go. I went back to sleep until 5 though. No need to be up quite that early.

2. Yesterday's easy run kicked my butt and left me exhausted. I was practically falling asleep by the time I went to watch the BF's volleyball game last night. The game was at 5 p.m. Hardly late. I crawled into bed a little earlier last night in hopes of getting some extra Zzz.

3. Humidity was a tiny bit lower this morning on my run so I pushed a little bit harder. I think I went out too fast though because my first split was 8:51 and everything after that was over 9. Plus I had to take a bunch of walk breaks toward the end.

That's all for today! Only one more day until the weekend!

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