Motivation, Where Are You?

by - Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Remember how I wanted to take a week off after my marathon to let me legs rest and to give myself a mental break from constant training?

Somehow that week went from one, to two and now I'm in to the third week post-marathon and just have no motivation to work out. I've fallen off the wagon hard and at this point, it's so far gone, I'm having a hard time catching it so I can jump back on.

Since my marathon, I have run once and gone to spin class once. Two workouts in two weeks. Yuck.

I also feel like I've been so busy the past few weeks, I just can't muster extra energy to run. Between getting my office packed last week, my Grandma's 90th birthday, Matt's birthday and then unpacking the office in the new building yesterday, I just want to collapse in bed and sleep.

Plus the winter isn't helping. I was planning on running this morning before work, until I saw the real feel temperature was going to be 8 degrees. Yeaaa, I'm just not ready to face temperatures that cold yet. So instead of doing some other exercise in the warmth, I decided to stay asleep in my warm, comfy bed.

Maybe it's time to put some sort of off-season plan together, just so I have something to follow. I tend to do better when I've got a plan.

How do you find the motivation to work out when it's cold and miserable outside, and you don't have a race in the immediate future?

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