by - Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mondays and Wednesdays are my "two-a-day" days. I run in the morning and strength train in the evening. I remember two-a-days from pre-season in high school and absolutely hating them. But these two-a-days are becoming my favorite days of training.

The Run:
After experiencing knee pain during my run on Monday, I wasn't quite sure what to expect yesterday. The schedule called for another four miler, nothing too intense, just another run to get my legs used to regular running again.

The first two miles went pretty well, but what I noticed toward the end of the run was tightness in both of my hips and a really strange feeling of being out of alignment. It almost felt like my hips were moving in two different planes. My left hip would swing farther forward and my right hip was oddly cocked to the back.

I could tell that really was messing up my stride, but I wasn't quite sure how to fix it on the run. I tried to focus on good form, but my hips wouldn't release.

When I got home I spent tons of time stretching my hips, rolling my IT bands and in general trying to loosen everything up.

Circuit Training

About 15 minutes into class I was a so tired and hot that I was wishing the gym would turn on the AC. The teacher kept us moving from station to station the entire time. We did jumping jacks and push ups, planks and mountain climbers, and all sorts of other intense exercises. I left a sweaty mess with spaghetti arms. I know all the strength work will pay off in the end though. I can already use heavier weights than when I started three or four weeks ago!

I'm really enjoying these days of double workouts with a run in the morning followed up with the strength training classes in the evening. I'm even considering extending my gym pass so I can keep doing them.

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