Picking a Spring Race

by - Friday, February 18, 2011

It's funny how minutes after I cross the finish line of a race, I'm already thinking about what race is next.

Part of me is so ready to dive back into training with an increased vigor and part of me is looking forward to relaxing.

But 100% of me is ready to pick out a new race.

There are two local races in May that look like good possibilities for a spring race.

One is the Frederick Half Marathon on May 7th. I ran Frederick last year and set a PR on the course even though there were some hills. Last year it was an abnormally hot day of the year, but I still had a really great time doing the race. Plus this year I have a few friends who are thinking about doing it too.

The other race I'm looking at is the Maryland Half Marathon which is about five minutes from Matt's house. It's a race I've never done before, but the course doesn't look that thrilling. But still, I don't know if I'll ever have the possibility of a race this close to home again.

The races are a week apart and I'm actually kicking around the idea of doing them both.

Stupid or totally awesome? You tell me.

I haven't registered for either yet, and I still have some time to decide, but Frederick's prices increase at the end of February so I'd like to make a decision sort of soon.

So Frederick, Maryland or both? What do you think?

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