The Relationship Between Food and Training

by - Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why is it that on days I don't work out I always want to pig out on not-so-healthy food, but on days when I work out, I tend to crave healthier things?

That just seems so strange to me, but it's definitely been the trend this week as I embrace my laid back recovery period.

And when I say I'm embracing this recovery period, I totally am and I'm not feeling a lick of guilt. In fact, I may have made an emergency chocolate run yesterday to get myself some delicious Cadbury mini eggs, just because I was in the mood and I could.

It's just funny to me that during training, I tend to be much more hungry, but I gravitate toward healthier food. When I'm not training, my body craves sweets and other less-healthy fare.

Does that happen to any one else?

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