Registered for the Frederick Half Marathon

by - Friday, February 25, 2011

The other day I registered for the Frederick half marathon after hearing that lots of you were running it and after deciding it was pretty much the perfect spring race.

Plus, a few of my in-real-life friends are running it too, so it's guaranteed to be a good time.

After two weeks of rest, relaxation, indulging in lots of chocolate and Girl Scout cookies, I'm looking forward to diving back into training.

I'll be putting together my training plan this weekend and I plan to use a hybrid of several previous training plans. Specifically, I plan to blend the cross-training I did in my last training cycle, with the speedwork I did when training for the Philly half.

For once, I really saw the benefits of cross-training. I felt like I was getting stronger and the additional strength helped me fatigue less quickly.

And when it comes to speed, I just miss running fast. I haven't done a true interval workout since the summer and my paces definitely reflect that. It's time to get back on the speed training wagon.

In the end, I expect my plan to include two to three days of short runs, two days of strength training, a day of yoga, and a long run. I will most likely double up on workouts at least once a week so I can have at least one day of pure rest.

I'm hoping this plan will get me in great shape for the race so I can finish faster than I did last year. I'll post the plan once it's all finished!

Happy Friday!

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