D.C. Blogger Network and Four Speedy Miles

by - Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One of my favorite sessions at the Healthy Living Summit over the weekend was all about learning how to use social media to meet other bloggers in your city.

D.C. is a big place and there are tons of bloggers here. We just weren't very organized when it came to planning meet ups.

DC Bloggers at HLS
Some D.C. Bloggers at HLS

After consulting with some of the other D.C. bloggers, I spent my entire day yesterday getting us organized.

I cleaned up our email list, built us a spreadsheet of contact information and created a Facebook group and Twitter list.

Planning events for D.C. bloggers just got a million times easier.

If you're a D.C.-area blogger and want to get involved, find more information about our monthly dinners and other meet ups and get involved!

After spending many hours sitting in Panera cranking on the D.C. blogger network stuff, I decided I needed to blow off some pent up energy and I headed out for a run.

I had no plans to go a certain pace or a certain distance. I just wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather. The humidity broke in D.C. this week, making it feel almost like a cool fall evening when I set off last night.

In the end I ran 4.5 miles and averaged about 9 minutes per mile.

That little taste of speed and the cooler temperatures made me itch for fall running weather. I sort of remember when I could run fast, before the heat and humidity of summer set in and I'm really excited to get back to my quicker paces.

It's my first day back in the office after a nice long vacation, so I've got tons of email and other projects to plow through today.

Is it the weekend yet?

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