Mother Nature and I Are in a Fight

by - Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I've had it about up to here with Mother Nature this week!

Between yesterday's earthquake and Hurricane Irene threatening to ruin all my birthday plans this weekend, I'm one unhappy girl. 

The earthquake yesterday ended up being more of a pain in the butt than anything, but in D.C. you can never been too sure if a rumbling building is an earthquake or the after effects of the city being bombed. (I find this is even more true when you work for the government.)

So our building was evacuated, but thanks to Twitter, I was able to find out what was going on pretty quickly, so we could all stop worrying that something more serious was happening.

Cell phone service was jammed and no one could make calls or text messages, but I could send emails and tweets without a problem. Gotta love technology!

I can forgive Mother Nature for the earthquake, even though it was the second one in two years, it didn't cause any major problems other than making my commute home hell.

But this hurricane. That's a different story. 

This weekend the Terps soccer home opener happens to fall on my 25th birthday. I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday than with my friends tailgating, playing cornhole and watching soccer.

We have been planning the tailgate/birthday party for a solid two months, and now it looks like the whole thing is going to get hurricaned out and for the first time ever in my life, I have no back up plan.

So I'm just a little bit frustrated with Mother Nature and the weather today. 

(And yes, I realize that complaining that the hurricane will ruin my birthday is kind of insensitive when other parts of the country will probably be dealing with major damages. If I had my way, I'd just make the stupid thing turn out to sea so no one had to deal with any problems.)

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