Exploring Eastern Market

by - Wednesday, August 03, 2011

When you live in one place for a long time, it's easy to fall into a pattern where you visit the same few places over and over again, whether it's a favorite restaurant, a favorite bar or even just a favorite running route that you repeat over and over.

That's the way I feel about D.C. sometimes. I live in this incredible city, with so much to do, but I only take advantage of a tiny portion of it.

This summer, I've been really trying to expand my D.C. horizons and explore areas I've never been to before.

Like this weekend, I tried a new running route down by the monuments, and after the run Megan and I met up with my coworker Emily at Eastern Market.

Eastern Market is one part farmers market, one part artisan stands and one part flea market.

Inside, you can buy fresh fish and meats and outside there's tons of produce. I was impressed with how many of the meat options were locally raised and free range.

Inside Eastern Market

Megan and I eyed up the cupcake counter

If I hadn't just finished running I would have gone with the choc/PB option

but opted to pick up some fresh produce instead.

Produce stands

I scored two squash and a huge red and yellow pepper and feasted on many of the fruit samples that the vendors had out.

Fruit samples

Eastern Market is inconvenient for me to get to on a regular basis, so I will most likely stick to the farmers market that's closer to my house, but it was fun to try a new place and I was definitely impressed with the variety and the quality of foods available at Eastern Market. Part of me wishes I lived closer so I could go to Eastern Market every weekend.

Do you branch out and try new places or do you tend to stick to your usual spots?

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