GCN Awards Gala

by - Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last night I got to attend a work event that I think can safely be called the government's version of the Oscars. I mean there was no red carpet, but lots of the best and the brightest in government donned their tuxes and fancy dresses for dinner and an awards ceremony recognizing great work in the government IT field.

Sorry for the crappy quality. The lighting was terrible

Award winners included individuals and teams across government who had used technology to improve work processes internally or to greatly improve the public's experience interacting with the government. The winners also included a group of 25 people being recognized for doing awesome work in the IT space in the first third of their government careers.

That's why I was there.

Earlier this summer, I was selected as one of those 25 people for the work I do in social media. Talk about a huge honor. I got to attend a big fancy awards ceremony and got a little blurb written about me in one of the government IT magazines.

Me and my boss

I spent the night sipping wine, eating a pretty good dinner (so glad I asked for a vegetarian dish) and listening to some of the other award winners give speeches.

I won't lie, the dessert bar was probably my favorite part of the whole night. I managed to restrain myself though, and only had a few cream puffs.

It was a fun night, but it left me quite exhausted, so needless to say I slept in this morning and definitely skipped my run. So worth it in my book though.

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