Bored With Training

by - Thursday, October 27, 2011

We've officially reached that point in my training for the Philly half marathon where I am so ready for training to be over and the race to just be here.

The newness and excitement of training have long since worn off, and I'm easily distracted by new and more fun fitness challenges.

I'm already looking past race day to see what's next. I'm thinking about my fitness plans for the winter and spring and I'm trying to figure out what will keep my entertained on the fitness front.

I've kicked around the idea of picking up a gym membership so I can use a pool. I've toyed with the idea of focusing on strength training this winter and I've also decided that I want to focus my running on shorter distances again to work on speed.

I'm so eager to start all these new things that sometimes plain old, boring training doesn't hold my interest anymore. And that's making it harder for me to find the motivation to do my runs. My training has been going well. I've hit most of my key works and I'm just ready for the race to be here so I can stop "being in training."

Do you ever start to get bored with you training as the race gets closer? How do you push past the boredom and stay engaged with your training plan?

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