Pumpkin Carving Fun

by - Monday, October 24, 2011

This weekend we had some amazing fall weather in D.C. It was perfect for getting in a nice long run on Saturday morning and for playing a football doubleheader on Sunday. (We won both games! Whoo!)

It was also perfect pumpkin carving weather.


Right after football, Emily and I picked up Anne and some pumpkin carving supplies and headed over to Jason's house to get started.

I'm usually a pretty traditional pumpkin carver -- you know, smiley jack-o-lantern face with triangle eyes. But Emily and Jason were hard at work on these super creative pumpkins that I felt I needed to step up my pumpkin carving game a little bit.

pumpkin carving
Why yes, Jason did use a hammer and an egg beater to work on his pumpkin

I decided to go all school spirit with my pumpkin.


I carved Terps on one side and UMD on the other. The Terps side looked a little deformed though.

UMD pumpkin

When we all finished we decided to leave our pumpkins at Jason's house since he actually gets trick-or-treaters and has a nice front stoop to display them.

pumpkin carving

It's been years since I've carved a pumpkin and I had such a blast yesterday! And as a bonus, Anne took home all the pumpkin seeds to roast them. (That's probably the best part of pumpkin carving!)

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