Three Things Thursday

by - Thursday, October 13, 2011

Well since it's Thursday and it's been way, way to long since I've done a Three Things Thursday post, I thought I'd bring it back this week, so I can give you guys some quick updates on what's going on in my life!

Here we go!

1. I feel super honored to be nominated as one of Shape Magazine's Top Fitness Bloggers. I am in some great company with some fantastic other bloggers, but I'd love if you could take just a second to go vote for me. (The vote button is in the right side took me a while to find it.)

shape pic

2. I have been sleeping terribly lately. I'm super exhausted all day long and then when I'm ready for bed I don't feel tired anymore. What gives? The last two days when my alarm has gone off, I haven't been able to get up and I've hit snooze or just completely re-set my alarm. This morning I skipped my run, although I am definitely going to do it after work, because I literally couldn't open my eyes. It has been dreary and rainy lately and the days are getting shorter. I wonder if the lack of sunlight is throwing off my circadian rhythm or something. I should also probably start decompressing and unplugging earlier so I can wind down and get to sleep earlier.

3. My iPhone case came in the mail yesterday and this morning I woke up to an email from Verizon saying my phone has shipped. I'm excited for the new phone to get here so I can finally join the world of smartphone users. I won't lie, a huge part of the reason I upgraded to a smartphone is so that when I race I can carry just my iPhone and not a phone and a separate camera. There's only so much room in my iFitness belt and I'd rather save the extra space for gels. So yes, I wanted an iPhone because it would make race-day logistics easier. Is that sad?

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