Getting My Vitamins and Minerals

by - Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When it comes to training and nutrition, I try to be good about eating my fruits and veggies and making sure I'm getting all the nutrition I need from my food.

But I know I'm not great at it and I know there are probably big holes in my nutrition (mainly iron and calcium).

I should be taking a daily multi-vitamin and a calcium supplement. My doctors have been telling me this forever.


But I stink at remembering to take them.

There have been multiple times where I have gone for a few weeks and religiously remembered to take my multivitamin and calcium supplements. But then I fall off the wagon. I have the half used bottles of vitamins in my bedroom and at the office to prove it.

So when I got a sample pack of Adora calcium supplements in my Healthy Living Summit swag bag, I was excited to try them. Adora discs are basically little chocolate circles infused with calcium.


I love chocolate and calcium is good for me so this sounded kind of like a win-win situation. I mean how hard could it be to remember to eat chocolate every day?

Turns out, not hard at all.

In fact, I had the opposite problem. The Adora discs were so good, that I wanted to eat more than I was supposed to in a given day.

(Yes, I have a chocolate problem.)

So for now, I have my calcium situation under control. The Adora discs are delicious (I tried both the milk chocolate and the dark chocolate varieties.) and I almost never forget to take them.

Now I just need to find a way to remember to take my multivitamin.

In the past I've gone the Flintstones chewables route, I've swallowed the grown-up pills, but nothing has really been fun and exciting. So it hasn't stuck. I wish Adora made chocolate multi-vitamins. I'd be all over those.

Do you take a multi-vitamin? If so, what kind? And how do you remember to take it?

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