A Walk With My Dad

by - Thursday, December 01, 2011

In continuing with the "not in the mood to run" phase of my off-season, I spent my last day in Allentown going on a nice long walk with my Dad.

I'm not a big walker, because I always feel like if I'm going to be outside in running shoes, I should be running, but last Sunday, a walk seemed like the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

Apparently, not all that long ago, the township where my parents live cleaned up and repaved an old rail trail to turn it into a path for runners, walkers and bikers.

rail trail

I had never been out on the path before, but it was a beautiful day for a walk and a fun way to spend some time with my Dad.

our shadows
Our shadows

The path was really nice and it was packed with other people enjoying the last warm day before winter sets in.


Lots of kids on bikes and families out for post-Thanksgiving strolls. We even bumped into my friend's mom who was out walking their dog.

The path started in a park and wove past lots of big houses and the golf course at the country club.

big houses
Pretty houses

golf course
Part of the gofl course

The path runs about 8 miles into neighboring towns, and my Dad and I did a nice four mile loop at a pretty blistering walking pace.

My Dad's been walking for years now and man does he go fast. My legs were getting tired trying to keep up.

The walk was a really nice way to wrap up my 10-day mini-vacation in PA.

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