My First Triathlon!

by - Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yesterday I signed up for my very first triathlon!

tri rock

The TriRock Annapolis sprint tri. Ahhhh!!!!!

I am so nervous and excited, but mostly just nervous.

See, I've got the whole running thing down, and I'm actually not a terrible swimmer, but that whole biking thing? Yea I'm terrified.

There are so many rules, like drafting and passing and what you can and can't do, and it just seems so complicated.

Combine that with the fact that I don't own a bike, nor do I really know what to look for in a bike, and it's safe to say the bike leg has me a little overwhelmed.

I'm also nervous because I know tri's involve way more logistics than typical road races. I know nothing about setting up a transition area, how to change a flat on a bike or what to look for in a wetsuit, and it's all a lot to think about.

But the race isn't until May, so I have plenty of time to learn and there's no need to panic just yet.

I plan to start by buying a bike as a Christmas present to myself. I'm hoping I'll be able to score an older model at a slightly cheaper price at the end of the year since bike stores will want to clear them out to make room for the newer models.

If any slightly more experienced triathletes have advice on what to look for in a bike (ideally one that won't break the bank), please share in the comments!

For now I plan to enjoy the off season, while doing lots of reading about training for triathlons!

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