Volleyball Slump

by - Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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Last night my volleyball team struggled a little bit in our games and we ended up finishing the night 2-2, after beating a really fundamentally sound team and then losing to a scrappy team.

Our league plays a little bit different than most. Instead of playing three games against one team, we play two games against two different teams round-robin style. We also only play until 17 to keep the games moving. It's definitely a little bit untraditional and it's taken me a while to adjust, but it's kind of fun playing two different teams each week.

The last couple of weeks we've been finishing 3-1 on the night and as a result had claimed the top spot in the standings.

vball standings week 2

I'm sure after last night, we'll drop though.

Our team is far from a group of super stars, but we are pretty competitive, and it's always frustrating to lose games you know you have the skill and talent to win.

I'm the kind of person who comes home and ruminates on everything that I did wrong in the games. Every missed dig or every misplayed set.

Don't worry, I don't just focus on the negative. In one game I did serve for 12 points in a row and had a few clutch digs, but I learn more from where I messed up.

I also feel the need to analyze the entire game with people. You know how when you just finish a great run (or a crappy run) and you just want to talk about it for a while. Yea, I'm like that with team sports too. Emily and I probably talked about the game for a solid 40 minutes last night.

Next week it looks like we'll be facing some stiff competition, but I'm hoping we can rebound and get a couple more wins.

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