Signs I'm a Total Biking Newb

by - Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This post could also be titled, that time I failed at inflating my bike tires.

So after my crash with the car last weekend, my left handle bar got a little bit bent.

photo2 photo 

It's actually kind of hard to tell in these pictures, but you get the idea that it wasn't anything too serious. The bent handle bar is on the left.

Coach Zach came over last week to take a look and fix the problem. It only took him a few minutes to get the handle bars fixed, but then he noticed that a few other things weren't aligned properly.

I'm 99% sure those things weren't a result of the crash. I had been complaining about my left arm feeling like it always bore my entire body weight every time I rode since I've had the bike.

When Zach took a closer look he realized that my handle bars had been put on crooked. So when my tire pointed straight, my handle bars pointed slightly to the side. And when they were straight my tire cocked to the left.

Zach looked at me in disbelief and wondered how I had never noticed it. Uhhh...because I had no clue that could even be a problem. How was I supposed to know my bike hadn't been assembled properly?

But what really took the cake on the whole night was when I was asking Zach how my tires could be so low when I had just pumped them up the other day.

I guess it turns out you need to actually open the nozzle thing before you can put air in the tires.

I had literally been locking the pump on and just pumping air out into the room because I didn't realize there was a little part that you needed to unscrew first to put air in the tire.

It's OK to laugh at me. I'm pretty sure Zach nearly fell over he was laughing so hard. But seriously, I had no clue I was doing anything wrong.

Further proof that I am still a total newb at this whole biking thing.

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