ValSlides Workout One

by - Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Holy crap those ValSlides workouts are no joke. I did my first full-length workout using Val's program after work yesterday and it kicked my butt.

Getting ready to do my ValSlides workout! @valeriewaters #fitfluential
Getting ready to start the workout

I was literally dripping sweat all over the gym by the time I finished.

Val's program is set up so that you do three days of cardio broken up by three days of strength and toning work with her programs. Each of her programs is named after a fun beachy area, and yesterday I did the Miami workout.

miami workout

This workout was set up in four parts:

Movement Prep

This was a quick warm up just to get everything loose and ready to go.


The sweat session included lots of high intensity bursts of cardio mixed with dynamic strength moves. Think moves like lateral jumps followed by Russian twists. It's set up as a circuit that you repeat three times. By that last set, I was dying. My heart was pounding and sweat was pouring down in buckets.

Totally spent after my workout. @valeriewaters kicked my butt.
This was taken after I spent a few minutes laying on the gym floor catching my breath


The sculpt session was a bit shorter than the sweat session and included targeted strength moves focused on specific muscle groups. Yesterday's workout focused mainly on the chest and back, and boy can I feel it this morning.


This is the very last section of the workout and focused on abs and glutes. Again it was a shorter section than the sweat section and included four moves that I used to use in my group fitness classes when I was an instructor. If I never have to do a donkey kick again, I will be a happy girl. Those things are killer.

I can definitely feel some soreness this morning, but it's that hurts-so-good soreness after you know you got a great workout. I'm really excited to try the rest of the workouts in Val's plan. I hope they are all as awesome as this one.

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