That Time I Got Hit By a Car While Biking

by - Monday, June 04, 2012

Just a friendly public service announcement: When you are biking, wear a helmet.

Over the weekend I got hit by a car while I was riding. I am fine, please don't panic! But it was definitely a terrifying experience.

The car came from behind me, and I guess the driver thought I was taking the road that veered off to the right, instead of going straight because he definitely turned right into me.

I must have seen him coming out of the corner of my eye because I was somehow able to stop enough that I didn't get hit by the front of his car but rather got hit by the passenger side.

I awkwardly used the car to break my fall, which prevented me from crashing into the street. I whacked my head and jaw pretty good on the car, but I had my helmet on so there was no serious damage to me.

I was extremely lucky to walk away with nothing more than frazzled nerves and some bent handlebars, which coach thinks are fixable. Thinking about how much worse it could have been freaks me out, so I try to avoid that train of thought completely.

So this is just a friendly reminder, you never know what could happen when you are out riding, and even if you take every precaution in the world, sometimes bad stuff still happens. So wear a helmet when you ride.

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