Inching Closer to Fall

by - Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This week it's felt like summer has officially come to an end.

Football has started. (It's only the pre-season, but whatever.)

I went to my first soccer tailgate and game of the season last night at UMD.

And the weather was nice and comfortable on my run this morning.


If this weather wanted to stick around, you certainly wouldn't hear any complaining from me.

I knocked out an easy four miler this morning, and it didn't feel like I was running through a swamp. I still went nice and slow because it was a recovery run, but everything felt good. Even my cranky calves didn't bother me too much.

We'll chalk this up as a win on the training front.

Unfortunately typical summer temps are going to be back in a few weeks, but until then, I'll just enjoy these slightly cooler morning runs and keep wishing for fall to really get here.

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  1. Laura3:26 AM

    I know I am loving the cooler evenings/mornings :) and it makes me so excited for all things fall including pumpkin spice lattes haha

  2. It feels too good to be true. I want to believe it, but I'm still afraid we've got more 90* days to come.

  3. That's winter weather for me! It's still 90+ here in South FL everyday, and will be for awhile...